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Big Assssss Salad

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Feb. 16th, 2011 | 06:20 pm

 Thats one big assssss salad. I promise there is lettuce in there somewhere. I am not much of a dressing person. I did end up using some Catalina Fat Free by Kraft. It left me underwhelmed. I typically use lemon juice or something on the side. This salad has some pretty amazingly fresh mushrooms, melba toast, tuna fish, Baco-s which is so odd since I hate bacon. Anyway it was delish. 

So I have noticed an epidemic at the gym. It is far more noticeable during the time of New Years Resolutions and the people that flock to the gym. 
I overheard some men today speaking about one of the women who was on a treadmill in front of them. I was walking by ear-phone-less and was appalled but sadly not shocked. They were discussing why this young lady should not be at a gym because she had a BIG ASS. Well shame on her for trying to do something about it. 
Last year around the same time we were still in GA and I had a run in which left me feeling a touch vindicated and 9 shades of pissed off. It’s no mystery that I have been obese or that I will never launch my career as a VS runway model. I am a big girl big boned (yes this is true) and overall just a bigger female. Some of the skin on my thighs did not catch up with my weight loss at this point in life it is very unnoticeable but for men who are trying to micro manage someone at the gym perhaps it goes noticed. 
I was running, in shorts, not booty shorts but a fairly long pair of Nike running shorts and a man who was well into his 40’s was talking to another man about my legs. Why? Well because there was a Barbie doll on the treadmill next to me holding her phone and talking about her tanning appointment, I am not kidding. They ended up walking up to her and talking to her after they expressed their discontent for my thighs. I am quite shocked they wanted to get that close to me but imagine my enjoyment of what came next. I took out my earbuds and expressed to the 40 year old virgin that he looked ULTRA familiar. He chuckled and went on about fluffing up his chest in hopes of procreating with said Barbie. His boyfriend said where do you think you know him from. I replied the National Honor Society. He said where is that? Umm you know it’s like quiz bowl where a bunch of really smart people get together and share their knowledge in order or in hopes of learning more. They both looked at me like I was speaking Latin, and I laughed and said of course that couldn’t be it. I looked at Barbie and said your thighs look acceptable so you should be ok. 
They got red, and I got revenge of sorts. 
Want to know something? When I first started going to the gym I was about 310#s. I would go in and get a lot of looks, whispers and such. I didn’t give a rats big ass salad. I kept going and there was one women who stare at me all during my journey, about 4 or 5 months into my weight loss I was walking up the stairs to the gym and I felt a tug on the hood of my jacket. I turned around and it was her. She said HOW MANY? Hmm is this a riddle? I suck at math. No how many #s have you lost. 75 so far. WOW. EVERY single day after that. HOW MANY from across the gym and a # exchange until I hit goal. 
When I did she offered to buy me dinner which we both laughed thinking it may be counter productive. 
When I see people of *size* in the gym working, and working hard, struggling, committing and searching the room for possible jerkoffs I want to hug them. Not laugh at them. I know that is such a common fear of people who think they are too heavy to be in a gym. I welcome all fluffy people to fight back if need be, and or find me and I will kick their ass for you. 

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Kim Shaw Skellenger

From: Kim Shaw Skellenger
Date: Feb. 17th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)

Good read. :) You are sassy, smart and inspirational.

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